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Among the whole variety of sofas, angular models are very popular.

Equipped with many useful functions and pleasant additions, they give new opportunities for the arrangement of premises.

Perhaps the main advantage of corner sofas is their multifunctionality.

First, such models are suitable for small apartments, where you need to maximize the use of space, and the corners of the room - it is often the "dead" zone.

Even small items are designed for standard three places, besides they can easily be converted into a bed.

Secondly, corner sofas are also applicable in spacious rooms, since they allow you to split a room into zones or create an island in the center,

which will be the main aesthetic and functional object.

We offer the same model in different sizes, and therefore it is suitable for both a small bedroom and a spacious living room.

The corners of the sofas can be straight, rounded, polygonal, they are equipped with tables, stands.

In the case itself there can be shelves, storage boxes, book shelves, bars.

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