There is a huge selection of special fabric for the upholstery of a sofa, an armchair, a puff and other items. In our catalog - only high-quality materials at affordable prices!

Types of upholstery fabrics for furniture:

- cotton upholstery - very beautiful, environmentally friendly and affordable material. Of course, one must bear in mind that it will be necessary to replace it quite soon, since its service life is rather low, however, in view of its price category, this does not seem difficult;
- linen - an excellent material, not subject to molting and abrasion, which allows things from it to serve much longer;
- leather is one of the materials that gives solidity to furniture. Objects of furniture from this material are often included in the "luxury" class. The skin is extremely resistant to mechanical damage and protrusion, as well as to dirt;
- artificial leather - modern samples of this material are in no way inferior to the natural, in some cases even superior to it in terms of protection and appearance;
-jacquard - one of the most ergonomic materials, with an increased ease of cleaning, the ability to repel water and a long service life;
- flock - artificial velvet, which wins its natural counterpart in strength;
- microfiber is a very popular material, because it combines resistance to abrasion and damage with surprising ease;
- shinill - one of the longest serving materials, replaces velor, can contain completely different natural and artificial materials, which gives it additional properties.
Presto Mobili offers its customers fabrics that not only can give them aesthetic pleasure, but also be practical in everyday life.

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