PrestoMobili furniture is the result of an ideal balance between technical innovation and handicraft skills, industrial production and manual experience.

We are deeply convinced that our furniture should be safe for your health, and also should serve for many years. Therefore, only high-quality and environmentally friendly materials are used for furniture production. PrestoMobili purchases raw materials directly from direct suppliers, turning it into finished products in production. Support of the latest production technologies and compliance with the most important international certificates (ISO 9001) ensures the safety of processes and the high-quality processing of materials.

Tour of production
Design department

The manufacture of upholstered furniture, especially the production of armchairs, sofas, which were not produced earlier, begins with the creation of the project. PrestoMobili has its own design department, which operates from the first days of the enterprise. Our designers implement European standards when designing or develop original methods of manufacturing and manufacturing sofas. We are proud of the fact that we developed some technologies independently and successfully tested them in practice.

Sawing shop

The specialists carry out a thorough check of the blanks for the presence of defects (defects) and carry out the sawing according to the developed drawings. For these purposes, specialized imported equipment is used, which performs the tasks perfectly accurately. The ends of the parts are compulsorily processed, which is a guarantee of their perfect appearance. After sawing the necessary parts are sent to the assembly and carpentry shop.

Assembly and carpentry shop

In this workshop, there are real masters who perform assembling of the bearing and functional elements of sofas and armchairs. The quality of the work carried out at this stage directly affects the length of service of any furniture.

PPU billet shop

In this shop, production of mattresses for seats, as well as other soft elements from sheets of polyurethane foam is carried out.

The composition of the fabric and the cutting department of fabrics.

Here, storing, sorting and careful checking of the fabrics intended for tailoring products is carried out. Specialists pay special attention to the detection of defects: in case of even the slightest shortage, the material is sent to the manufacturer for replacement. The production of sofas and armchairs is carried out only with the use of fabrics that are ideal in appearance and performance characteristics, since the quality of the skin is the first thing that is evaluated when the buyer acquaints with the furniture. To ensure an ideal uniformity of results, a computerized tissue cutting system is used, only the skin is cut manually.

The patterns, grouped by product, are sent to the sewing department.

sewing factory

In this workshop, the masters sew up the covers. High quality of execution is provided due to the professionalism of employees, as well as the use of modern high-speed sewing machines.

Collecting a product

Assembly - this is before the final stage in the production of upholstered furniture. From it, including, depends on the service life of the product. After the assembly, the finished product is sent to the OPK.

Inspection and control (DIC)

Completely finished products are carefully checked by a quality control specialist who performs detailed work to identify defects. If all is well, a passport of the product is issued and sent to the packaging.


In order to simplify the delivery of products to the buyer, after the inspection procedure, furniture is disassembled and packaged. Our sofas have a design in which all the elements are compact enough to fit freely into any doorways.

Filling upholstered furniture

All elements responsible for the softness of the sofa are made of polyurethane foam (PPU). This material is used on seats of upholstered furniture, in spin cushions and throughout the contour of the sofa. Depending on the level of softness of the seats, we use a PUF with a density of at least 30 kg / m3. One of the suppliers of raw materials for the production of PPU is the German company Bayer. To increase comfort in some models, we can use goose down and the first processing feather as an additional filler. Furniture with such a filler immediately stands out with natural splendor and extreme softness. In decorative cushions, a holofiber is used as a filler - siliconeized balls that have the form of a spiral and give the cushions elasticity and softness.

For gluing the wooden parts of the frame we use Jowat / Germany glue, and for gluing the frame with polyurethane foam we use the glue of Saba / Netherlands. These glue marks are safe for health as well as for the environment.