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It is difficult to present the cozy house or modern office without sofa. This upholstered furniture gives us heat and feeling of regularity, the sofa occupies one of the main places in each family and in dayroom of any room. Here we have got used to have a rest, play with kids, to talk to friends or employees, to watch TV and to expect and to sleep, of course. To choose the model suitable you, it is necessary to know what types of sofas exist. 

Types of sofas on a design differ on the classical straight lines convenient angular, modular and island. 

Direct models are classics. Their main plus is that it is possible to choose the suitable dimensions corresponding to the room sizes. They can be with armrests or without, transformed or stationary.

Angular upholstered furniture has gained a certain popularity among the population. Very convenient and functional, they can be established in any room, for example in kitchen. At the choice of such model there can be a question of how to sort an angular sofa if it is necessary to rearrange him on other side of the room. On such case at many models the possibility of reinstallation of an angular part is provided. The parties of this sofa can be different or identical on length.

Modular furniture is made folding and can as the designer to change at the request of the owner. She will save from need to buy new in case of moving as the modular sofa can be reconstructed easily according to different forms of rooms. 

Island models initially are roundish and are intended to take the place in the center of spacious rooms. They are capable to form a unique interior because create a soft cozy island in the room. Their unusual form is quite often successfully complemented with other pieces of furniture.

Buying upholstered furniture, it is necessary to pay special attention to how the sofa and what mechanism in it is displayed it is used. He has to correspond to estimated loading. Service life and usability of a sofa will depend on it. It isn't necessary to buy upholstered furniture only because color was pleasant or same friends have got.

A sofa – a noticeable and impressive subject of an interior which has to bear comfort and a cosiness.

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