• Recently, olive color has gained particular popularity in the interior. In our article we will tell you how to correctly design different rooms with its help.
    10 ноября 2019
  • How to make a living room in a country style? What wall and ceiling finishes to choose, where to find suitable furniture and accessories?
    27 октября 2019
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  • In the arrangement of the soft zone, they usually recommend starting from the size of the living room. But in a small room you can place a lot of upholstered furniture, if you remove the cabinets, and replace all the tables with one low pouf ...
    10 сентября 2019
  • Jacquard is a fabric that recreates the ornament and texture of tapestries, but at the same time created in an industrial way. The material of this fabric has a complex, but repeating pattern, although exclusive unique fabrics may also be located on exclusive fabrics, for example, a monogram or logo. The threads that are used for weaving jacquard fabrics can be very different. Today, both natural and artificial threads can be used for manufacturing, but most often these are combined fabrics.
    8 сентября 2019
  • A folding sofa is not only a comfortable place to relax. It can be a double benefit for owners of small apartments, turning into a comfortable bed. In addition, guests staying until late will be able to appreciate the comfort of a fold-out berth. In a one-room apartment, with one easy movement, the living room turns into a bedroom. At the same time, there are models of sofas of compact sizes, which save space.
    4 сентября 2019
  • The house is a place for a person where he can truly rest and relax after a hard day's work. A person’s desire to be there depends on the arrangement of the house and its interior. Expensive and beautiful furniture certainly play an important role, but it is much more important to purchase upholstered furniture, a sofa, a bed, a place where you can relax.
    31 августа 2019
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    24 августа 2019
  • Velor is the most popular option. He is loved for his softness, pleasant appearance and a rich palette of shades. It is not for nothing called faux fur, because the surface consists of a thick soft pile. Today, it is made from synthetic fibers. They do not cause allergic reactions, are easy to care for and wear resistant.
    21 августа 2019
  • Gunny is a kind of chenille, a light fabric made from cotton or linen. Due to the special interweaving of the threads, a unique pattern is obtained that can be clearly seen. Many naively believe that weaving such a fabric - just spit! But do not promise!
    19 августа 2019
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  • The living room in many families is multifunctional. It is used for family gatherings, reception of guests, their accommodation for the night. Sometimes, they combine with a study, a play area for children, and even with the parents' bedroom. In the conditions of typical apartment buildings, this is normal, even justified, since a small space forces you to seek a compromise. But when you need to choose furniture in such a living room, there are difficulties, especially with the choice of color.
    5 августа 2019
  • What to choose for sleep?
    31 июля 2019