About us

Cozy quiet family evenings by the fireplace or noisy parties with friends, fun games with children or rest after reading books - choose you. And we will make any your choice comfortable and enjoyable. We create soft furniture for those who appreciate real moments in life.

We do not set our own ambitions first of all, do not pursue fashion, because tastes and fashion trends are changeable, the main thing for us is constant development and improvement. In each work done, step by step, we gain not only experience, but also the love and trust of the client. We are deeply convinced that our products should be safe for your health, and also serve for many years. It's for you that we do our work every day so that you can feel comfort and coziness, enjoy the elegance and quality of our sofas at an affordable price. Our goal is to make the home interior emotional and mirror the soul of the people who live there.

Despite the fact that we have recently started work on the upholstered furniture market, PrestoMobili quickly found its buyer. We offer you only those products that we personally are proud of!

Why we?

PrestoMobili is a family in furniture space. Our sofas are like children. There are not many of them yet, they are big and small, angular and straight, deep and not very much. They are born, develop and go into people. We carefully monitor their development. For this we have our design office, production, design team and compliance control. And love for the embodiment of the most daring ideas in life.

We provide the appropriate service to our customers - we do our best to make you want to return to us again!

Our values

Your Comfort is the highest value. All products are easy to use. Made of quality materials. Most models can be optionally equipped with electrical outlets with USB power connectors along with the usual ones. One socket is capable of serving three devices at the same time. Thus, you can use all gadgets at any time in spite of the battery power of the device.

Exquisite fabrixs

In the production of our sofas, we use quality fabrics from the best manufacturers in Italy, Belgium, Germany, Turkey. These are luxurious natural fabrics, and practical artificial, and combined. Modern upholstery impregnated with special protective compounds that prevent contamination of the upholstery and provide easy cleaning. In addition, we can offer special fabrics that are resistant to household pet claws, incombustible fabrics, fabrics that have the highest resistance to abrasion and others.



The best materials

Also in the soft furniture is important filler. Today, spring blocks, foam rubber, latex or polyurethane foam are used. Any packing has fabric linings made of cotton or wool, as well as a metal frame, which is a metal mesh. The most reliable  and durable are the spring blocks and cast forms of polyurethane foam. Quality spring blocks consist of a large number of steel springs with a large number of turns. Each spring unit has a "pouch" that prevents the blocks and springs from moving in them. A sofa with such a filler does not sit out and does not fail.

Our products are elegant simplicity, thoughtfulness of all details, elegant proportions. We do not have a large model range, but in each sofa layer by layer we put reliable components, covering the fabric with quality and carefully hiding the fittings. We always strive and try to provide all our customers with the maximum assistance in creating a unique atmosphere in the house, realizing all the dreams and fantasies of our customers!